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Pour près de 60 ans nous développons  et fabriquons avec succès les centrifuges Turbo pour la purification et le traitement de liquides industriels sales, sans adjuvants de filtration dans le processus d’usinage des métaux.

Nos solutions intelligentes et éprouvées à l'échelle internationale et à un degré de purification très haut, offrent des avantages marquants à nos clients. Tout d’abord  les temps d’arrêt  machine sont plus courts ainsi qu’une réduction  notable des coûts d’achat et  d’élimination. Ensuite   nos clients contribuent activement à la protection de l’environnement et de la santé humaine par la récupération et la réutilisation de ressources précieux.

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La large palette de produits Turbo nous permet de réaliser un maximum d'applications possibles. En voici quelques exemples :

·         Traitement de l’eau

·         Affûtage acier rapide

·         Affûtage métal dur

·         Usinage céramique

·         Affûtage céramique

·         Affûtage verre plat

·         Usinage d’engrenages

·         Technique médicinal

·         Traitement des vernis

·         Industrie électronique

·         Optique

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Grâce à notre expérience de 60 ans dans la technique de purification de liquides industriels nous sommes clairement le fournisseur de premier choix. Et nous aspirons à le rester. Pour cette raison nous continuons à compter sur le développement continu de nos connaissances dans le conseil, l’ingénierie, les ventes, la réalisation, la fabrication, la livraison, le montage, la mise en service, la formation et la maintenance de nos installations de purification des liquides industriels sans adjuvants de filtration.

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A propos

Turbo-Separator AG est une entreprise indépendante de l’industrie mécanique. Nous nous éfforçons à fournir des produits et des services aussi indépendants que possible d’autres entreprises de production et de services. Cela nous permet de réagir rapidement et indépendamment aux changements du marché et de répondre aux exigences individuelles de nos clients.

Nous nous soucions de notre environnement et produisons nos centrifugeuses et installations de sorte qu’aussi vos produits puissent être fabriqués économiquement et en respectant l'environnement.

Centrifugeuses  Turbo fonctionnent sans utilisation d’adjuvants de filtration tels que le papier, les tissus de tous types ou  de la terre à diatomées. Les machines sont disponibles avec une sortie de boue manuelle ou automatique.  Les boues sortent pures et avec une humidité résiduelle faible.

Installations de filtration Turbo  sont la solution à vos problèmes. Ils sont soigneusement développés et fabriqués de sorte qu’ils correspondent exactement aux exigences et besoins des clients. Les installations de filtration Turbo  sont actuellement utilisées pour le traitement de liquides de refroidissement de machines-outils unitaires ou comme installations centralisées pour tout un  groupe de machines.  Aussi les eaux usées industrielles spéciales, obtenues lors de travaux de tribofinition, de la production de circuits imprimés ou d’installations de lavage, sont traitées avec les installations de filtration Turbo.


Date:28.03.2019 Catégorie: Anwendungen

How do companies worldwide manage the cleaning of industrial fluids? 29.10.2018 TOBA

While all over the world there is a discussion of how to reduce waste, this is hardly happening in industry. Negotiations are underway as to whether straws should be banned, whether cotton swabs should no longer be sold or how environmentally damaging cardboard cups are.  Until a few years ago, the processing of industrial liquids was not very widespread outside Europe. Today, however, more and more companies around the world are demanding that contaminated liquids needed to be treated. When treating industrial liquids, a general distinction is made between two different types of filter. Cleaning with industrial filters which, however, require filter aids and consumables. The second types are filtration methods without consumables.

With consumables

With the help of consumables, filters are also used in industry to ensure filtration. In most cases, however, it is not only the type of filter or the condition of the filter that is decisive in this type of filtration. In a filtration process using a belt filter, an additional filter cake builds up on the flow which is the actual filter. This has the consequence that with a perfect filter cake, the purity can be increased. Industrial filters work very similar to filters that are commonly used in private households. The big difference is the filter performance.

As with other filtration methods, there are different types of filters with consumables, but they are always built according to the same principle of filtration. A positive aspect of industrial filters is the lower investment cost than filtration without auxiliary equipment.

Without consumables

 This type of separation of liquid and solid is ensured by centrifuges. When separating liquid and solid by usage of centrifuges, it can only physically function if the two substances have different specific densities. Liquid separation can be imagined as sedimentation in an open container. The greater the delta of the two densities, the faster the heavier material settles at the bottom of the container. This sedimentation is also used in the centrifuge, but the liquid is accelerated in a drum to accelerate the natural sedimentation many times over.  This type of filtration is more expensive than filtration with consumables. However, these investment costs can be offset by long running times and also by turnover calculation because of the consumables.


More and more often not only a belt filter or a centrifuge is required. More and more often, complete plants are required, which require combinations of both types. These plants can combine the best of both types to increase sustainability and process reliability in industry.

Centralized Systems

More and more companies in industry do not want a single cleaning system at every processing plant. They demand that central plants are built which have more flow and the cleaning quality is nevertheless constant. This means even higher investment costs for the companies, which will be worthwhile after some time.

Thanks to these possibilities of cleaning liquids, with the help of other cleaning methods, the life expectancy of industrial liquids can be increased many times over. Whenever companies need normal water and no oil or oil-water mixture, this purified water can easily be returned to rivers after continuous testing. This protects the environment and water can be reused more frequently. The challenges in cleaning these fluids are often that companies want cleaning for a variety of applications in a single plant. Since chips or abrasive removal behave differently in different fluids, each application must be individually tested and designed for process engineering.  These cleaning systems are not only to be found in Europe, they are increasingly being sold in the Asian region. The regulations in the Asian region regarding the disposal of industrial liquids are becoming more and more similar to the European regulations, in some cases even more stringent.  This development helps to constantly reduce the pollution of public waters.

Unfortunately, many companies see investment in the cleaning and reprocessing of industrial fluids as a forced investment. This although, causes a safe process, longer service life and less cost. Cleaning industrial fluids not only has a positive effect on the environment, but also helps companies guarantee a stable process.

To sum it up, although there is often no discussion about it, waste treatment in the industry, many companies are already aware that something needs to be done in this area. Grinding machines can hardly be bought without a cleaning system for the cooling lubricant. Unfortunately, however, there are still many companies that are not interested in the serious cleaning of cooling lubricants. In the future, the aim for companies should be to set a good example and take the environmental compatibility of their production even more seriously. To change the industry now and in the future, this is our goal; we help to reduce the constant contamination, because we build centrifuges and filtration system for more than 60 years.

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It has been 10 years since we started operating in China with our subsidiary. Since the end of last year we have also moved to another building in Shanghai.For these reasons we have invited customers, agents, friends and employees to an event in China.In addition to the Swiss Consul in Shanghai, various media representatives were also present. We would like to thank all our visitors for coming, we are going into the next decade together.

Enjoy the pictures, thanks for coming
Date:14.12.2018 Catégorie: Société
Last Friday, at the Christmas dinner of the two companies Turbo-Separator AG and Turbo-HKS GmbH, we were able to celebrate five anniversaries with a total of 125 years of service.both 10 Years Christopher Stump and Rob Arnolds20 Years of Service for the Company Fitje Höbelamazing 40 Years of Service for us, Merk GerhardAnd last but not least Mohr Johann for great 45 Years, 11'250 Working days or 100'000 Working hours "without overtime".