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Turbo的离心机工作时不需要任何过滤介质,例如滤芯、滤纸、硅藻土等。 设备具有手动和自动两种排渣方式。排出的卸料中仅含有少量液体,呈半干燥状态。



It has been 10 years since we started operating in China with our subsidiary. Since the end of last year we have also moved to another building in Shanghai.For these reasons we have invited customers, agents, friends and employees to an event in China.In addition to the Swiss Consul in Shanghai, various media representatives were also present. We would like to thank all our visitors for coming, we are going into the next decade together.
Enjoy the pictures, thanks for coming




日期:13.11.2018 类别: Dienstleistungen
We support the internal training of our employees, last week some of our Chinese colleagues were able to enjoy a training about filtration. Hands-on training deepened their knowledge in the maintenance and assemlbing of centrifuges. After an eventful week, the two sales engineers are already back in China, while the service engineers can still enjoy an advanced technical training during this week in Switzerland and as well in Germany.
日期:25.10.2018 类别: 公司
上周,涡轮过滤上海代表团,包括总经理和瑞士总部客户关系经理出席了我们客户新工厂的开业典礼。 我们的总经理是一位成功且成功的家庭朋友.SAT家族在他们的新建筑中取得成功。