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Since 60 years we have been successfully developing and manufacturing Turbo centrifuges for the cleaning and treatment of contaminated industrial fluids resulting from metal working processes. Our intelligent and internationally proved solutions do not require any filtration aids and obtain a high purity degree. Some of the main advantages for the operator are: Reduced downtimes of the machines along with considerably reduced purchasing and disposal costs. In addition, our customers provide an active contribution to the protection of man and environment by reusing precious recycled raw materials. 
Our Turbo systems are individual solutions perfectly adapted to the requirements of our customers. Therefore a careful analysis of the individual production processes is essential for economical and sustainability reasons. Thus a highest possible quality and productivity degree can be obtained at minimum cost and low material expense.

To the Products

The large range of Turbo products allows to realize a maximum number of possible applications. Here are some examples:

  • Water treatment
  • HSS-Grinding
  • HM-Grinding
  • Ceramic-Processing
  • Ceramic-Grinding
  • Fla glass Grinding
  • Gear production
  • Medical
  • Paint treatment
  • Electronics industry
  • Optics

To the applications

Due to our more than 60 years of experience in the field of cleaning of industrial fluids we are clearly first choice when it comes to looking for a supplier in this field. And we want to keep it that way. This is why we continue to invest in further developing our knowledge in the fields of consulting, engineering, sales, project realisation, manufacturing, deliveries, installations, training and maintenance of our cleaning systems for industrial fluids which do not require any means of filter aid.

Our self-critical attitude and the ability to continue learning help us to develop and offer multidisciplinary solutions on a high level. 

To the Service
Our Company
Turbo-Separator is an independent company in the field of mechanical engineering. It is our target to provide products and services as independently from other products and service providers as possible. This allows us to react quickly and independently to changes on the market and to answer to the individual demands of our customers. We take care of our environment and manufacture our centrifuges and systems in such a way that your products, too, can be manufactured at low cost and in an environment protective way. 
Turbo-Centrifuges are operated without using any filter aids, such as paper, all kinds of tissues or diatomaceous earth. The machines are available both with manual and automatic sludge discharge. The sludge is discharged in an unmixed condition and with a low residual humidity.

Turbo-Filtration Systems are ready to use solutions for your problems. They are designed and built in strict observance of the customer`s requirements. Turbo Filtration systems are employed for the treatment of coolants on individual machine tools or on centralized systems for entire machine groups. In addition, special industrial fluids such as employed for vibro-finishing processes, the production of PCB`s or in washing plants are treated with Turbo-Filter Systems.


It has been 10 years since we started operating in China with our subsidiary. Since the end of last year we have also moved to another building in Shanghai.For these reasons we have invited customers, agents, friends and employees to an event in China.In addition to the Swiss Consul in Shanghai, various media representatives were also present. We would like to thank all our visitors for coming, we are going into the next decade together.
Enjoy the pictures, thanks for coming
Date:13.11.2018 Category: Dienstleistungen
We support the internal training of our employees, last week some of our Chinese colleagues were able to enjoy a training about filtration. Hands-on training deepened their knowledge in the maintenance and assemlbing of centrifuges. After an eventful week, the two sales engineers are already back in China, while the service engineers can still enjoy an advanced technical training during this week in Switzerland and as well in Germany.
Date:25.10.2018 Category: Company
Last week a delegation of the Turbo-Filtration Shanghai including the General Manager and the Customer Relationship Manager from the Headquarter in Switzerland attended the opening ceremony of our customer's new plant. Our GM held a speech to thanks for the long and successful relationship and wished the whole SAT Family successful business in their new building.