Wash water treatment

Typical applications
  • Spray or dip degreasing of workpieces
  • Hot degreasing of machine parts
  • Deslagging of iron or zinc phosphating fluids from the treatment of office furniture, control cabinets
  • Vibratory grinding of brass, aluminium, steel or plastic parts in vibratory or centrifugal systems
The loaded with solids and foreign oil wash water is supplied to the centrifuge in an amount of 5 - 15 l / min. In the centrifuge, the 3-phase separation takes place in water, foreign oil and solids. The purified of solids and free oil water is discharged through a peeling nozzle under pressure from the centrifuge drum and returned directly to the wash.
2 or 3-phase cleaning of washing liquids, phosphating baths, vibratory finishing liquids, electroplating wastewater etc. Demulsified as well as emulsified oils together with solids are kept well below the saturation limit. Service life extensions by a factor of 6 to 10 are commonplace. Detergents remain in the purified fluid.