About our company

The Turbo-Filtration is a daughter company of the Turbo-Separator. It is our target to provide products and services  as independently from other pro-  ducts and service providers as possible. This allows us to react quickly and indepen- dently to changes on the market and to answer to the individual demands of our  customers.  We take care of our environment and manufacture our centrifuges and systems in such a way that your products, too, can be manufactured at low cost and in an  environment protective way. 
Turbo-Centrifuges are operated without using any filter aids, such as paper, all kinds of tissues or diatomaceous earth. The machines are available both with  manual and automatic sludge discharge. The sludge is discharged in an unmixed  condition and with a low residual humidity.
Turbo-Filtration Systems are ready to use solutions for your problems. They are  designed and built in strict observance of the customer`s requirements. Turbo   Filtration systems are employed for the treatment of coolants on individual machine  tools or on centralized systems for entire machine groups. In addition, special  industrial fluids such as employed for vibro-finishing processes, the production  of PCB`s or in  washing plants are treated with Turbo-Filter Systems.


Foundation of the subsidiary in Shanghai (China)