Central Systems

Large-scale systems are designed with a wide variety of elements according to customer requirements; these systems can be full-line systems or secondary power systems.

  1. 2 sedimentation tanks with 5000 l each flow rate 700 l / min 3-fold MZF-T22 for bypass cleaning of the dirty liquid
  2. Large system with several multifunction drum filters cleaning in the main flow of approx. 1000l / min each
  3. Multiple systems built on the AZF-T40, 3 x T40 for 600l / min full flow application Tank size 2 x 4000l
  4. Large plant 4000l / min settling tank, backwash filter, treatment with T40, de-oiling T14 phase  

Bypass solution for a variety of machines with their own pre-cleaning. The solution is based on a bypass cleaning with de-oiling of emulsion