Quality & Environment


The products of Turbo-Separator AG are manufactured according to the best European quality standards. Since mid 2019 we are certified again according to ISO 9001:2015.
The quality policy can be found in the mission statements and the corporate policy.
  • Our products fulfil most of the daily occurring filtration problems.
  •  Our engineers analyse the problems in your production and offer a comprehensive solution, be it as an individual solution on a machine, as a solution for a group of machines and plants or as a solution for a complete production.
  • We always look for the optimum between maximum purity, minimum costs and maximum safety for your production. The economic efficiency is always in the foreground.
We commit ourselves
  •  to fulfil our orders on time and to the required quality through clear, purpose-oriented and transparent processes.
  •  to continuously improve our products and services and the effectiveness of our quality management system (QMS).
We ensure that
  • our Integrated Management System (IMS) is appropriate for the purpose of our business.
  • The quality policy in our company is communicated and understood and made known to our interested parties.
  • Our quality policy and our QMS are assessed for their continued appropriateness.
We take this into account,
  • that the improvements required in the future are appropriate and effective for the success of our company.
  • the expected or desired level of all our interested parties.
  • the personal development of our employees.
  • the requirements and expectations of our other interested parties.
  • the resources needed to meet the requirements of the underlying standards.