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Through our global service network based in Switzerland, Germany and China, as well as our well-trained network of agents, we can meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

Companies and Agents
Switzerland – Germany – China – France – Benelux – Austria – Czech Republic – Israel – Italy – Japan – England – Ireland – USA – Spain – Russia – Thailand – Sweden – Brazil – India – South Korea

Our service team
Our service team is made up of trained specialists who can optimally combine your needs with the system-related needs so that you have a system that is optimized for your process and provides the benefits you expect. Repairs are done by the same people who work in the production assembly. In this way, we ensure that news and insights can be incorporated immediately and without problems.

This personal union also fosters the senses of wear and tear and problematic parts.This in turn promotes understanding in order to be able to supply the customer with optimal systems.